The Panoramic Alba - The Tour of a Hundred Towers Beatrice M. - Tourist Guide
Tour & Attrazioni


Guided tour exploring the old medieval town of Alba with its “hundred towers”. It will be also the occasion to discover curiosities on the “hundred towers city” and admire it from some panoramic points.

The tour is accompanied by a qualified tourist guide belonging to Turismo in Langa association. It lasts one hour and 45 minutes and, passing through the most important cultural heritage of the city, allows you to:

- know the medieval architecture, reviewing “the hundred towers” in Alba, and discover that they never were really a hundred;

- visit Piazza Pertinace and discover more about the “Castellaccio” and about the rivalry with the city of Asti;

- visit the “Sala del Consiglio” in the Town Hall where important artworks, such as one by Macrino d’Alba, are preserved;

- look out from the balcony on Piazza Risorgimento to observe it from above;

- visit the San Giovanni Battista Church with its precious treasure of sacred works;

- go up the 40-meters bell tower of San Lorenzo Cathedral and discover that the bell towers are actually two, one from the X century and the other one from the XII century;

- enjoy a breathtaking panorama over the city and the Langhe and Roero hills.

Tour & Attrazioni
2 hours
Suitable for
children, guided tour, tour alba, hundred towers, landscape
Participants (min-max)
6 - 25
Required tools
Time slot
15:30 - 17:30
Bambini tra 6 e 12 anni
€ 8,00
Over 12 anni
€ 10,00


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