Week end in the swimming pool: Fashion Photography in water Thilini G. - Photographer


The Workshop of Fashion Photography is held in two days dedicated to the simulation of an editorial shooting involving a team of industry experts. We want to give the possibility to the participants to have a look on a professional set of the fashion world. We will start from the phase of the editorial ideation (realize a moodboard, form the team, contact the agencies, create light patterns) and then we will dedicate to the shooting during which the group will have the possibility to realize own editorial.

During the workshop we will have the possibility to work with a team of makeup artists, hair stylists and agency models that will explain their job. The shooting day will have placed in water, we will do also some practical tests under water. Water represents the main theme of the summer edition of the Workshop of Fashion Photography: we will show you how is it possible to have images with completely different moods, using the same location, several types of lighting, styling and coherent makeups, but mostly some recommendations to get greater results already during the shooting phase.

1 week-end
photography, shooting, fashion, swimming pool
Participants (min-max)
4 - 10
Required tools
Reflex camera + lenses + batteries and battery charger
Time slot
09:00 - 18:00
Prezzo per persona
€ 150,00


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