Short Shiatsu Treatment Cinzia O. - Professional Shiatsu Operator
Nature and wellness


The Shiatsu Treatment comes from the japanese culture and in it is applied the finger pressure techniques on the meridians that convey the Ki/Qi (life energy). Through the different Shiatsu techniques the person is ready to relax, eliminates muscle tension, loosen the joints and throughout the body structure realigns itself.

The Shiatsu treatment gives a sensation of beneficial relaxation and at the same time a healthy stimulation that solicits and strengthens the individual’s capability to heal itself. The short treatment lasts about 20/30 minutes and is focused on the body parts that need a deeper contact.

It is advisable to wear comfortable clothing, possibly made of natural texture.

Nature and wellness
60 minutes
shiatsu, japanese culture, health
Participants (min-max)
3 - 10
Required tools
Comfortable natural texture clothing
Time slot
16:00 - 21:00
Prezzo per persona
€ 20,00


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