Cascina degli Ulivi | Biodynamic Farm | Novi Ligure (Alessandria-Piedmont) 15067 Novi Ligure (AL)
Strada della Mazzola 12


Result of Stefano Bellotti’s work and passion for the land, Cascina degli Ulivi is a biodynamic farm since 1984, located among the hills of Novi Ligure (south Piedmont).

Cultivating with biodynamic method means using strictly natural preparations, such as horn-manure, horn silica and compost preparations, to enrich lands and give them a new vitality.

This is the way Cascina degli Ulivi cutivate their 22 hectares of vineyards and from which produces biodynamic wines, completely natural without yeasts, enzymes or other wine additives.

The biodynamic method is applied also to other agricultural products:

  • stone ground cereals that offer high quality flours, used to produce handmade bread with starter dough;

  • fresh cheese, aged cheese and yoghurt, obtained by a natural farming method and by hand-crafted production;

  • organic fruit and vegetables, always seasonal and of high nutritional quality;

  • traditional fruit and vegetable jams, sauces for cheeses, meats and vegetables, and delicious preserves, perfect to combine appetizers and main courses.

Cascina degli Ulivi is not only a biodynamic farm, but also a bio-farmhouse that offers relaxing stays in total symbiosis with nature and rural life. The farmhouse comprises four large and welcoming rooms, made according to green building standards, and a restaurant, that proposes healthy and simple cuisine mostly based on local gastronomy. Ideal for families with children and all those who love nature and animals: the facility has got cats, cows, donkeys, horses, geese, hens, all completely free.

In addition, Cascina degli Ulivi is an educational farm organizing approaching paths to the rural world through labs that explain the production processes of flours and  natural bread-making, milk and its transformation in cheeses, but also paths to learn the methods of the biodynamic farming and vinification.

For wine lovers, the farm proposes wine tastings and guided tours in the company, in the cellars and vineyards.

Would you like to know one of the first biodynamic farms in Italy and to enter in symbiosis with nature? Cascina degli Ulivi is waiting for you in Novi Ligure (Piedmont)!


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