Privacy and Cookies Statement

This document explains how StayDo uses and manages the personal data of Visitors and Users and how it uses cookies. It also explains how to contact StayDo with questions relating to personal data and cookies.

StayDo provides search and booking services for various courses and activities at hotels, non-hotel accommodation and other facilities, such as sports clubs, pro-locos (organizations promoting the local area), local associations, and so on.

StayDo will occasionally update this Privacy and Cookies Statement, so you should visit this page regularly for the latest changes. If you do not agree with this Privacy and Cookies Statement, it is recommended that you stop using the services offered.


What personal information does use?

Upon registration, Visitors must provide their name and email address. Instructors or facilities wishing to collaborate with StayDo may in addition need to provide an address and phone number. For bookings, additional data will be required for payments, and the names of any guests travelling with the User.

Upon registration, Visitors, Facilities and Instructors create a User Account, allowing them to save their personal settings, allowing instructors to create and keep track of events, and end-users of StayDo’s services to publish reviews and manage future reservations and any other services provided by StayDo.

When a user visits, even if no bookings are made, the website may collect certain information such as IP address, the browser being used, data on the operating system, application version, language settings and pages visited. When browsing from a mobile device, data on that device may also be collected, such as its settings, specifications and latitude/longitude. When a user books an event, the system records the platform used.

Why does collect, use and share users’ personal data?

Booking of events: first of all, StayDo makes use of users’ personal data to complete and manage event booking online and to send details thereof to the Facility and Instructor in question.

Customer Support: StayDo provides customer support and this requires User data to be shared with personnel to ensure rapid response in case of need, to help in finding the solution that best suits customers’ requirements and to answer any questions about their reservation.

User reviews: StayDo makes use of Users’ contact information to invite them to leave a review after attending an event, so helping other Visitors to choose the best events for them.

Account management: on the StayDo website, any Visitor can create a User Account. The information provided will allow StayDo to manage its functions, and users to manage their reservations/activities, take advantage of special offers, as well as simplifying booking. It also allows Tourist-Users to set their preferences and Instructor-Users to publish courses and events. Tourists will also be able to see all their reviews of events they attended. It is furthermore possible to create a public profile and share certain information related to the User Account, using a real name or a chosen one. Information that may be shared includes photos, events attended, places visited, reviews and any other information on events and instructors.

Marketing activities: StayDo also makes use of user information for marketing activities, to the extent permitted by law. For example, by booking an event with StayDo, the visitor creates a User Account. StayDo may use the contact information provided to send information on products related to its services. With User consent, as required by local law, StayDo may also send periodic newsletters by email. At any time, Users can decide not to receive marketing communications or to completely opt out, using the "Unsubscribe" link in each newsletter. Users can also manage their subscriptions through their Account, if available. Based on the information shared with StayDo, personalized offers may be displayed on mobile device applications or on third-party websites, including social media. These could be offers for StayDo events bookable on the website, or third-party offers or products that may correspond to the preferences shared by the user. If StayDo considers a particular offer to be of interest to users, it may also contact them by phone.

Other types of communications: on occasion, StayDo may contact a User by email, mail, phone or text message, depending on the contact information provided. This could happen for several reasons:

  • to deal with and directly respond to a User's request, when necessary;
  • if an online booking is not completed, to send a reminder via email to prompt the user to complete the task. This allows the user to continue with a reservation without having to search for the facility or provide all the data for the reservation again;
  • to invite the user, by sending out a questionnaire, to provide a review of his/her experience with StayDo;
  • to send other material relating to reservations, such as: information about how to contact if needed during the event; information to help the user make the most of the experience; material on current reservations or a summary of those made previously with StayDo.

Market research: sometimes StayDo asks its customers to participate in market research. Any additional personal information provided on these occasions will only be used with the consent of the individual.

Detection and prevention of fraud: StayDo may make use of Users’ personal data to detect and prevent fraud or other illegal or undesirable activities.

Improving services: finally, Users’ personal data may be used for analysis, to improve services, to enrich the user experience and to improve the functionality and quality of the online service.

How does use social media?

StayDo uses social media to promote events published on its website and new events created by Tourists, and to advertise, improve and simplify services offered.

In this case, information will be shared with the social media service provider, and in some cases will also be displayed on the user's social media profile and shared with the other people in his/her network.

Moreover, is present on various social media. These social media services may allow users to share information with When the user signs up via a social media app, the information that will be shared with will be specified. The data that users choose to share with StayDo could include basic information from their social media profile, their email address, status updates and friend list. This data is needed to create a tailored browsing experience in the app and on the web site. This will make it easier to customize the website according to StayDo User needs, to share trip destinations with friends, and to analyze and improve services.

StayDo may also allow the User to access services through a social media account. The social media service provider will provide more details on how the data is used and managed in such cases.

How does share data with third-party Users?

In some cases, StayDo may share Users’ personal data with third-party users, such as:

The hotel and the instructor selected: in order to complete an event booking, it will be necessary to pass on the data required regarding the reservation itself to the chosen facility and instructor. This data may include: name, contact information, name of the guests travelling with the registered user and preferences about the reservation. This information can be used by StayDo, by the instructor or by the facility to manage information related to the event booking. In the case of questions about the reservation, StayDo may contact the instructor and the hotel directly and ask them to handle this request.

Third party service providers: StayDo may leverage third-party service providers (e.g. data managers) to manage Users’ personal data exclusively on behalf of StayDo. The goals of data management may include the simplification of the payment of event bookings, the handling of marketing materials or analysis services. These managers will be obliged to respect confidentiality agreements and will be prohibited from using personal data in their possession for their own purposes or for any other purpose.

Competent authorities: Users’ personal data may be shared with law enforcement or other government agencies when required by law or if strictly necessary in the prevention, detection or prosecution of criminal acts or fraud.

StayDo trading partners: StayDo works with business partners to advertise organized events and to help instructors and facilities to advertise their businesses. This could lead to their services being integrated into the website, or to them advertising on the StayDo website or on their own websites.

How does use mobile devices?

StayDo does not currently offer a mobile app, but the site is built using responsive web design, and can therefore be viewed and used on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

How does StayDo use guest reviews and other shared information?

Having enjoyed an event booked through StayDo, Users will receive an invitation to leave a review of the instructor who managed and conducted the event.

When leaving a review, Users agree to it being posted, for example, on the instructor’s page or on that of the facility where the event was held, on the StayDo site, on social networks and related apps, and/or on the site of a StayDo partner. This allows their views on the event and on the professionalism of the instructor to be shared with other travelers.

When Users indicate that a review left by another participant in a course and/or service was useful or not useful, StayDo will aggregate their votes with those of other users to sort and prioritize guest reviews. Information in Users’ lists and other information on their destinations shared with StayDo could also be used to help other travelers find the right destination. This will be shared anonymously, unless Users include it in their public profiles.


StayDo uses the following cookies (small data files sent to the browser or mobile device used for navigation, with the purpose of tracking the user's activities during browsing) associated with visits to the website for the following purposes:

Technical cookies: these enable the website to be viewed and to work properly, and are used to create accounts, to allow access to the portal, to manage reservations, to optimize site operation and to switch between different pages and browsing sessions.

Functional and analytical cookies and third party cookies: these are used to remember user preferences, and to monitor and analyze the performance, operation and effectiveness of the Portal. Analytical cookies are used to optimize and improve the web site. Data may be used in advertising campaigns. In any case, such data remains anonymous. These cookies are not required for the operation of the website, but for improving its use.

The cookies we use have a variable duration. At any time, users can delete all cookies from their browser.

If users prefer, they can modify their browser’s settings and opt out of receiving cookies. We suggest users consult their browser’s general and administration settings. Accessing settings may vary depending on the browser, users should refer to their browser’s "Support" or "Help" functions.

To monitor data collection carried out by Google Analytics, users can visit the following page:

Only StayDo can access StayDo cookies. Third-party cookies can be accessed by the third party in question.

If users decide not to accept certain cookies, they may not be able to make full use of certain features on the StayDo website.


What kind of security procedures does use to safeguard personal data?

In accordance with European laws on data protection, StayDo observes appropriate procedures to prevent personal data from being accessed without authorization or used improperly.

To protect and safeguard the personal data that visitors/users provide, StayDo uses appropriate procedures and systems. In addition, security procedures are in place along with technical and physical restrictions on the access and use of personal data on servers. Only authorized personnel are allowed access to personal data, and only during the course of their work.


The services offered by StayDo are not intended for those under 18 years.

The use of services by minors must take place with the consent of a parent or guardian. If StayDo believes it has received data from anyone under the age of 18, it reserves the right to delete it.


How can a user check personal data provided to StayDo? 

At any time, Users can check any personal data of theirs kept by StayDo by sending an email to, with "personal data request" in the subject field. Users are requested to attach a copy of their ID to help prevent unauthorized access to their personal data.

In the event that a user’s data is incorrect, StayDo will amend it following a request from the owner of said data.

Users who no longer intend to make use of StayDo’s services can also request StayDo to discontinue its use of their personal data. Users may also choose to delete their User Account at any time by logging onto the site and choosing to remove their StayDo Account on the "Settings" page.

Users can also unsubscribe from the StayDo newsletter using the "Unsubscribe" link in each issue of the newsletter. Requests to update, remove or discontinue use of personal data should be addressed to: StayDo may be required to keep certain data, for example for legal or administrative reasons, such as for record-keeping requirements, in case of legal action or to detect fraud.

Who is responsible for the management of personal data on the website and app?

Please send an email to .


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