General Terms and Conditions of Use

1 Introduction and ownership of the website

These General Terms and Conditions of Use regulate access to and use of the website, and other web addresses that link to StayDo and that are managed by StayDo srls. StayDo srls, sole proprietorship, is headquartered  at 1, Via Asuncion, Turin and registered with the Turin business register, tax code no. 11546430015, REA no. TO - 1221772.

2 Services provided through the website

The website provides information and news about various activities and courses at hotels, non-hotel accommodation and other facilities, such as sports clubs, pro loco (organizations promoting the local area), local associations, etc. The website allows the user to enrol for leisure services without needing to access the website of the provider of said services, subject to the full acceptance of StayDo’s Terms and Conditions of Sale.

The service provides assistance and establishes a relationship between private and/or professional individuals and/or services provided by experts.

Specifically, it enables:

  • hotels and other accommodation, or organizations with a suitable space, to register to host Events and activities;
  • Instructors and experts to organize courses and Events through the service, setting the price, the number of participants, the nature of the course or Event, etc. The basic service, described on the Website, is free. More advanced functions, increased visibility and additional features can be provided for a subscription fee, under the terms and conditions described on the Website.

The website and services offered are made available via an online platform through which Instructors can create adverts for their activities, and guests can make enquiries and bookings directly with Instructors, by means of the functions provided by StayDo.

In accepting these Conditions, the User agrees that StayDo does not form part of any contract between Instructors and Visitors, but merely initiates contact between them with the aim of establishing such a contract, free of any obligation regarding partnership, employment or acting as an agent in their regard. StayDo has no control over the conduct of Instructors, Visitors, managers of hotels or other accommodation, or other Users of the website, app or services, nor over any Event or any problem arising from its organization, and denies any liability in this regard to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Any User not in agreement with one or more of these Conditions should not use StayDo’s services.

3 Definitions

In order to apply these Conditions, StayDo defines the following terms:

Advertisement: each activity offered by an Instructor through the Website;

Conditions: General Terms and Conditions of Use that regulate the operation of the Website from a legal standpoint;

Consumer: any natural person using the Portal for purposes unrelated to any entrepreneurial, commercial, craft or professional activities carried out;

Content: all data, information, text, pictures and videos that StayDo makes accessible to Users on the Website;

Credentials: identification, User ID and password chosen by the User when registering on the Portal;

Critical Events: incidents that lead to the disruption of the scheduled activities;

Event: an activity chosen by a Visitor from Instructors’ adverts and to be held in a specific location;

Fee charged to Instructor: costs that StayDo charges the Instructor for using the service, applied to each User purchase and calculated as a percentage of the Event Price. The Fee amount depends on the service subscription level;

Hotel or other accommodation: premises hosting the Event;

Instructors: all professionals, experts, designers and artisans and all those, including private individuals, who advertise on the Portal;

Instructor, Hotel or other accommodation, Association, pro loco (organizations promoting the local area) or contractor offering direct or indirect services for the organization and realization of an Event;

Marketplace (Services): Service provided by StayDo via its online platform that allows Instructors to place adverts and Visitors to book Events;

Membership level:

Portal: (Platform, Website, or Marketplace) platform owned by StayDo, operating on the website;

Event Price: fee paid by the Visitor to the Instructor (and, where applicable, to the Hotel or other  accommodation) for participating in the Event. The price is determined by the Instructor alone. The Event Price includes any taxes (e.g. VAT), as well as taxes and contributions for which the Instructor is liable;

Professional: any natural or legal persons using the Portal in the exercise of their business, trade, craft or profession;

Registration: action through which Users (Visitors, Instructors, Hotels, etc.) enter their profile and required data, get access to services offered by StayDo and accept the Conditions of the Portal;

StayDo: (Owner) the company that owns the rights to the website and that puts Visitors and Instructors in contact, promoting the activities suggested by the latter through the Portal;

Total Event Price: the Event Price plus any costs for the spaces hosting the Event, set by the Hotel or other accommodation;

Transactions: contracts that Instructors agree with Visitors for the purchase of Events;

Users: private or professional individuals (Visitors, Instructors or Hotels or other accommodation) that complete account Registration with StayDo and use the portal to benefit from its services, after having accepted these Conditions;

Visitors: Users who make a request to Instructors to book an Event offered through the Portal.

4 Services provided

The purpose of StayDo is to connect people with communities through unique Events, created individually and personalized by tourists, putting travellers and interested people from all around the world in contact with Instructors and Hotels in the region.

StayDo makes a Virtual Platform available complete with associated technology, so that Instructors, Hotels or other accommodation and Visitors can meet online and organize Events at participating Hotels or other accommodation. Unless expressly indicated on the Portal, the responsibilities of StayDo are limited to: (i) providing the Portal and related services and (ii) acting as a representative for the collection of payments from the Visitor, in the name and on behalf of the Instructor and, when required, in the name and on behalf of the Hotels or other accommodation. StayDo is in no way responsible for any damage and/or issues arising from non-compliance with these Terms and Conditions by Instructors or managers of Hotels or other accommodation.

The Portal and Services can be used to facilitate the posting of Adverts and the booking of Events. These Events are included in the Adverts on the Portal, App and Services by Instructors. Unregistered Visitors can view Adverts, but booking an Event requires Registration. Adverts can only be created by Instructors who have been enabled to do so, and in the manner defined, by StayDo.

By making a reservation through, the User establishes a direct contractual relationship (binding in legal terms) with the Instructor who is offering the Event. After said reservation is made, StayDo does not participate nor act as an intermediary in the relationship, but merely facilitates the use of the Platform.

The website, app and services are intended to facilitate interaction between Instructors and Visitors, and the booking of Events. StayDo has no control over the content of adverts, nor over the conditions, legality or suitability of any Event. StayDo is not responsible for, and disclaims any liability with regard to, any adverts or Events and/or any problems that may arise from their publication. Any reservation shall thus be made at the User’s sole risk.

StayDo also reserves the right, at its sole discretion, not to process or make available adverts, Events or activities not consistent with the spirit of the service offered or with StayDo’s guidelines.

5 Registration

The portal allows access to some content without Registration, but full use of the platform’s features and access to its services requires Users (Visitors, Instructors and Hotels or other accommodation) to register, in one of two ways:

a) by using a personal account on social networking websites (such as Facebook), thus authorizing StayDo to access and use the information shared through such sites and to use and store the Users’ Credentials in order to allow access to the Portal;

b) directly through Registration on the Portal, providing, in a true and complete manner, all information requested on the registration form, fully accepting the privacy policy and these Terms and Conditions. The User authorizes StayDo to verify the accuracy of personal data and any other information provided and undertakes to cooperate with StayDo during such checks.

At the end of the registration process (unless carried out by the system administrator), with the exception of registration via social networks, the User shall receive a user name and a confidential password (the Credentials), the possession and use of which are the User’s sole responsibility. If the User becomes aware of any unauthorized use and/or other security violation of his/her credentials, he/she undertakes to promptly inform StayDo of said unauthorized use and/or violation, reporting any abuse to

In addition, the User is responsible for any damage or injury caused to StayDo or third parties by the use, loss or theft of, or by any security breach regarding, the User’s Credentials. All activities carried out using the Credentials are attributable to the User. The latter recognizes StayDo’s right to produce data, as evidence of the User’s activities, obtained by the systems and procedures used by StayDo in managing access to the Website and providing related services.

Instructors, Hotels or other accommodation and registered Visitors shall have access to their profile, through which they can manage their own personal data, Events and any other information and content associated with their profile and with the services offered.

StayDo has the right, at its sole discretion, not to activate or to suspend the account of a User whenever it believes that his/her behaviour may give rise to damage against StayDo or third parties.

Instructors and Hotels or other accommodation can only register through the Portal. Such Users can choose between basic and fee-based registration, the latter giving various benefits.

Finally, by registering and joining the service, the Instructor declares that he/she agrees with and shall respect all obligations (including, but not limited to, administrative, tax, labour and safety obligations) and declares him/herself to be in possession of all licenses, permits and authorizations required to propose Events, the Instructor having sole and exclusive responsibility for any consequences that may arise from the violation of said obligations. In addition, the Instructor declares that the Event is real and exists.

6 Posting adverts

To create an Event (location and activity), StayDo needs the cooperation of the Hotel and the Instructor, which will provide their premises and their time.

The Instructor shall enter information on the advertised activity, its regulations and financial terms. Events shall be published on the Portal, App and Services, after approval by StayDo. Visitors can book Events through the Website, App or Services, based on the information provided by the Instructors and Hotels.

The Instructor understands and accepts that when a Visitor requests to book an Event, the Instructor can not ask the Visitor to pay a higher price than that given in the booking request.

The Instructor agrees and accepts responsibility for all advertised activities, and thus declares and guarantees that activities shall comply with all applicable laws, standards and regulations, as well as tax requirements, and that they do not in any way prejudice the rights of third parties.

Users understand and agree that StayDo’s role is limited to putting the parties in contact with one another to agree a contract, free of any obligation regarding partnership, employment or acting as an agent in their regard. Any agreement between Users is an agreement between the Instructor, Visitor and Hotel. StayDo is not part of said agreement. Regardless of that stated above, StayDo acts as an agent for the collection of payments, as authorized by the Instructor and, if applicable, by the Hotel, to receive in their name and on their behalf payments from Visitors of the agreed amount.

Users also understand that StayDo does not perform preventive quality or technical checks on Advertisements, their contents or the Events proposed by Instructors. StayDo simply ensures that the definition of the Event is consistent with the Instructor’s category and professionalism as accredited with the service.

7 Booking and financial terms

StayDo declares that payments are managed in such a way as to protect both those who sell and those who buy the contracted services.

7.1 Determining the Event Price

The Price of an Event is not set by StayDo, but by the Instructor who offers it. It can vary according to the number of participants and the type and duration of the Event. The Visitor shall be informed of the Event Price before requesting a reservation from the Instructor, and it may also include a charge to cover the costs borne by the Hotel or other accommodation to enable the Event to be held.

7.2 Reserving the Event and completing the transaction

Instructors have sole responsibility for honouring reservations confirmed through the Website, App or Services. The Visitor understands and agrees that he/she shall be required to make an agreement with the Instructor and acknowledges and agrees that the responsibility for fulfilling the obligations of the agreement lies with the Instructor, and not with StayDo, which is in no way part of said agreement, and which, except for the payment obligations under these Conditions, accepts no liability arising from or relating to such agreements. It should be noted that some Hotels or other accommodation hosting Events may require that Visitors, when booking, make use of their accommodation and/or catering services. If the Hotel or other accommodation can not find said booking, after further verification, it shall in any case proceed to charge the Visitor the Fee agreed by StayDo with the Instructor. This requirement shall be explained and made clear to the Visitor at the time of booking.

7.3 Payments

Users agree that StayDo acts in the name and on behalf of the Instructor (and, where applicable, also on behalf of the Hotel or other accommodation) for the sole purpose of accepting payments from Visitors; the latter are no longer liable for payment to the Instructor upon the payment of the Event Price to StayDo. StayDo transfers the Event Price to the Instructor (total Event Price minus the Visitor Fee and any costs for the spaces provided by the Hotel or other accommodation) for Events concluded at least twenty-four (24) hours previously (except for refunds to Visitors). The time required for the Instructor to receive payments can vary depending on the payment method chosen or the Instructor’s registration level. The payment of the Event Price, already authorized by the Visitor when the reservation request is sent, is processed by StayDo, or a third party that processes payments, upon confirmation by the Instructor of the reservation of the Event. After the Event Price has been received, StayDo shall issue an invoice for the Fee charged to the Instructor (for exceptions, see section 9.1). As part of the booking process, the Visitor shall be offered a protected method of payment (PayPal). Through these Conditions, the Instructor appoints StayDo as his/her agent for the collection of payments for the sole purpose of receiving the Event Price from Visitors. StayDo accepts no liability for any actions or omissions by the Instructor. The Instructor agrees that a payment made by a Visitor through StayDo shall be regarded as a payment made directly to him/her. The Instructor also accepts that StayDo may: (i) allow the Visitor to cancel the reservation and (ii) reimburse the Visitor (through StayDo) the percentage of the Event Price defined in the refund policy. Each Instructor understands that StayDo’s liability to pay the Instructor is subject to and conditional upon the receipt of payment from the Visitor. The Owner does not guarantee to pay Instructors any fees not duly paid by the Visitor to StayDo.

7.4 Remuneration

As payment for the use of the Platform, StayDo will charge a fee. Where applicable, it may also deduct taxes (such as VAT) in relation to the Instructor’s Remuneration. StayDo deducts the Instructor’s Remuneration from the Event Price before paying the Remuneration to the Instructor, as described in these Conditions. The balance of the Event Price shall be paid by StayDo to the Instructor through PayPal or bank transfer, depending on the method chosen by the Instructor on the Portal. It should be noted that StayDo may apply or deduct the costs of processing foreign currencies to or from any payment made or received in currencies other than euros. Except as otherwise provided for in these Conditions, Remuneration is non-refundable.

7.5 Customer Satisfaction

After the Event, the User will be able to post a review of the Instructor and the Event attended. This may be useful for other Users and/or Visitors when choosing a new service and/or booking an Event.

8 Cancellations, withdrawal and refund policy

8.1 Withdrawal by the Visitor

Visitors wishing to cancel a reservation may do so from their User Dashboard, and await a reply confirming the cancellation. If such confirmation is not received, Visitors are invited to send an email as soon as possible to StayDo at If the Event is cancelled by the Instructor, the Visitor shall be refunded 100% of the amount paid. If the Visitor is guilty of a Critical Event, i.e. (i) not attending at the place and/or on the date agreed for the Event; (ii) arriving more than 15 minutes after the start of the Event; (iii) leaving the Event early of his/her own free choice, then he/she shall not be entitled to a refund. In some circumstances, StayDo may, at its sole discretion, consider it necessary or preferable to cancel a reservation made through the Portal. In this case, the amount paid shall be refunded in full.

8.2 The Visitor’s right of withdrawal

The Visitor can cancel a reservation confirmed through the Portal as follows: cancellation from 0 to 72 hours before the Event - refund of 0%*; cancellation from 73 hours to 7 days prior to the Event - refund of 30%*; cancelation from 8 to 30 days before the Event - refund of 50%*; cancelation over 30 days before the Event - refund of 100%*. * % of the Price of the Event. The transfer fee (e.g. Paypal) shall be deducted from this amount, independently of StayDo, which in any case shall not exceed 4%.

8.3 Visitor refunds

A Visitor can be considered to have suffered a Critical Event committed by the Instructor when the latter: (i) cancels the Event with less than forty-eight (48) hours’ notice; (ii) does not attend at the place and/or on the date agreed for the Event; (iii) creates an Event that does not correspond to that described on the Website. The Visitor shall report such events to StayDo, which, as indicated below, and at its discretion, will assess the case. If StayDo determines that a Critical Event has occurred, it may, depending on the Visitor’s choice: (i) refund the Total Price of the cancelled Event, within a commercially reasonable period of time and according to the percentage determined by StayDo and the nature of the Critical Event; (ii) do all in its power to find and/or book, on behalf of the Visitor, an alternative Event to the original one, but comparable in terms of time, place, content and features. The Visitor shall receive an email or other communication from StayDo offering alternative Events. Any Visitor who has not received an email or other communication from StayDo following the cancellation by an Instructor of a confirmed reservation is invited to contact StayDo as soon as possible at the email address All StayDo decisions on refunds, including on the amount itself, shall be final and binding for Users. To submit a valid claim for a Critical Event, the Visitor is categorically required to carry out all of the following actions: inform StayDo by sending an email to, giving the reasoning regarding the alleged Critical Event, no later than twenty-four (24) hours before the start of said Event, and doing everything possible to provide any clarifications needed by StayDo; demonstrate that he/she is not responsible, directly or indirectly, through actions, omissions or negligence, for said Critical Event. Users who are not satisfied with the quality of the Event or the service received may not seek reimbursement from StayDo, but can express their dissatisfaction by writing a review of the Instructor or of the Hotel or other accommodation. The latter are aware that high scoring reviews are directly linked to an increase in reservations.

8.4 Cancellation and withdrawal by the Instructor

The Instructor may cancel a reservation by notifying StayDo via email at Cancellation incurs no penalty for the Instructor if carried out with at least seven days’ notice prior to the date and time of the Event, and if no bookings have been received. The Instructor may do this through his/her User Dashboard and wait for final confirmation from StayDo. He/she shall receive details of the circumstances under which the payment of a penalty applies. The Instructor is guilty of a Critical Event if he/she: (i) cancels the Event with less than 7 days’ notice; (ii) does not attend at the place and/or on the date agreed for the Event; (iii) creates an Event that does not correspond to that described on the Website. In this case, he/she agrees to reimburse StayDo for the amount indicated in the Total Event Price, or agrees that StayDo may retain any amounts received on the Instructor’s behalf, including any future receipts, until the amount of the refund is paid off. If the Instructor is responsible for repeated Critical Events, StayDo shall be able to take action against him/her by implementing any measures necessary to resolve such misconduct, including: (i) suspending the Instructor’s account temporarily or permanently; (ii) imposing a penalty. It should be remembered that StayDo is in no way responsible for any problems resulting from non-compliance with this Regulation by the Instructor.

8.5 Cancellation and withdrawal by the Hotel or other accommodation

The manager of the Hotel or other accommodation may withdraw the availability of its facilities without penalty, provided StayDo is notified by email, at the address, no later than 7 days before the scheduled Event, and after confirmation from StayDo. If the Hotel or other accommodation is responsible for a Critical Event, i.e. (i) cancelling availability with less than 7 days’ notice before the scheduled Event date; (ii) not making the areas and/or equipment available necessary to carry out the proposed activity; then StayDo shall proceed with (i) the suspension of the account of the Hotel or other accommodation, temporarily or permanently; (ii) the application of a penalty. As in the event of cancellation by the Instructor, it should be emphasized that StayDo is in no way responsible for any problems resulting from non-compliance with this Regulation by the Hotel or other accommodation.

8.6 Bad weather

If poor weather makes the Event unfeasible, the Instructor can propose an alternative Event date. If agreement proves impossible, the Visitor shall be refunded 100% of the Total Event Price.

9 Tax Documents Management

If the Event was provided by an Instructor not registered for VAT, he/she shall issue a tax receipt to the Visitor, with StayDo acting as intermediary agent. For tax matters, this kind of tax arrangement has a €5,000 annual ceiling (StayDo clearly has no control over or knowledge of any other income from occasional services or private agreements that the Instructor may have had during the year). StayDo shall notify the Instructor when the €5,000 upper limit has been reached, and of the consequent need to make different tax arrangements. StayDo can not provide such assistance, rather the Instructor must consult a tax advisor. On reaching the €5,000 annual ceiling, StayDo reserves the right to suspend the account of the Instructor until proper tax arrangements have been made. On the other hand, if the Instructor is VAT registered, he/she shall issue an invoice or receipt to the customer for the amount received (Event cost, minus any fees), without involving StayDo. If the customer is VAT registered (e.g. a Hotel or other accommodation that buys Event packages from the Instructor), an invoice shall be issued or a withholding tax shall be deducted, either by StayDo or the Instructor, depending on his/her tax situation, as previously described.

10 Exclusion of liability

StayDo undertakes to ensure that the content of the Website is accurate and does not contain incorrect or outdated information. However, StayDo can not be held responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the content posted on this Website, except for any liability for gross negligence or wilful misconduct or as otherwise required by law. StayDo does not guarantee that the Website functions on a continuous basis, free of interruptions or errors, including those due to internet connection issues. Although StayDo does everything possible to ensure regular access to the Website, the dynamic nature of Internet and web content may prevent from operating continuously, or free of suspensions or interruptions, because of the need to update the Website. All Users must have adequate antivirus and firewall systems. StayDo is not liable for damage resulting from inaccessibility to services provided on the website or arising from viruses, corrupted files, errors, omissions, service interruption, deletion of content, or problems with the network connection, service providers or telephone line, or from unauthorized access, alteration of data, or the failure of Users’ electronic equipment. The User is responsible for the safekeeping and proper use of personal information, including Credentials, as well as for damage suffered by StayDo or third parties as a result of the inappropriate use, removal or loss of such information.

11 Intellectual Property Rights

All the contents of, including but not limited to work, images, photographs, music, sound, videos, documents, drawings, trademarks and any other material published on in any format, including menus, web pages, graphics, colours, diagrams, tools, fonts, website appearance, diagrams, layout and software included on the website, are protected by copyright and by the other intellectual and industrial property rights of StayDo or its third party owner. Reproduction in whole or in part, in any form, of and its contents is not allowed without written permission from StayDo.

When researching and managing reservations and/or purchase orders, the User employs the web app made available by StayDo through its Website, under a non-exclusive and temporary license, granted for the time necessary to complete the task. StayDo is the exclusive owner of the logos and registered trademarks "StayDo" and "" and any other symbol that includes the word "StayDo" and/or the domain name "". All other symbols used to distinguish Events and their organizers, published on, are registered trademarks owned by their respective owners and are used on for the sole purpose of distinguishing, describing and promoting Events and their Instructors and/or Hotel or other accommodation. StayDo and all other holders of registered trademarks have the right to the exclusive use of their respective trademarks. The User is not authorized to use such trademarks without the approval of StayDo or of any other holder of the trademarks displayed on the Website. Any unlawful or unauthorized use of these trademarks is prohibited and may have serious legal consequences.

12 Rules of Conduct

The User agrees to use the Website, its functions and Services for lawful purposes and in accordance with these Terms and Conditions of Use. Specifically, the User agrees not to post or distribute, through the Website and/or its functions, unlawful, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, offensive or harassing contents and not to use the Website or its features to initiate acts that could damage the image or reputation of StayDo or cause any other damage or loss to StayDo. In addition, the User agrees not to send unwanted promotional material and/or unsolicited communications which could interfere with the functionality and/or use of the Website by third parties or other Users.

13 Warranty and Support

Except where expressly provided for, StayDo disclaims all warranties, conditions, undertakings or statements of any kind, express or implied, of a legal or other nature or in any way related to the Portal, App or Services, including, without limitation, any implied warranty or condition of merchantability, satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, compliance, or arising from any behaviour, usage or trade practice.
In some states/jurisdictions the exclusion of implied warranties is not permitted; the above exclusion may therefore not apply to Users who have other rights established in law, which may vary from state to state, or by jurisdiction. Without limiting the general nature of the above, StayDo does not guarantee that the Portal will meet the User's requirements or that its operation will be uninterrupted or free of errors.

14 Links

14.1 Links to

The creation of links to the home page, or other linked sites, is subject to the written approval of StayDo. Please contact StayDo at to request approval. StayDo reserves the right to refuse hypertext links to its Website.

It is in any case forbidden to post direct links (deep links, including so-called deep frames) to, or use unauthorized meta-tags, without StayDo’s approval.

14.2 Links from StayDo to other Websites

The Website may contain links to third-party sites, which are in no way associated with or StayDo (Third Party Websites). StayDo has no control over and does not monitor such sites or their content. They are owned and managed by independent service providers and the User therefore acknowledges and agrees that StayDo does not provide any form of guarantee, nor is it responsible for any content, service and/or product provided by such Third Party Websites, and that StayDo is not responsible for the practices used by them in relation to the collection and/or processing of their Users’ personal data. Users acknowledge that the use of such Websites is their sole responsibility and assume all risks arising from such use.

15 Duration and Termination of the relationship

The contract agreed between Users and StayDo for the use of the Service shall be valid for an indefinite period from the time registration is accepted by StayDo. The Visitor may at any time terminate the contract and cancel registration by writing to The Instructor and the managers of Hotels or other accommodation can withdraw from the contract and cancel their registration in writing, giving 60 days’ notice, via registered post with return receipt, or by certified email at the following email address: After the User’s account has been deleted, StayDo is free to delete all User content that may be present on the portal.

16 Changes

These Conditions may be modified at any time. Any changes and/or new conditions shall come into force from the moment of their publication in this section of the Portal. The "Date of Last Update" shown at the beginning of these Terms and Conditions will change automatically. Important changes to these Conditions shall be notified by email (to the address provided by the User during registration). If the User considers such changes unacceptable, he/she may cease to use the Portal and Services in question at any time by cancelling his/her registration. By continuing to access or use the Portal or its Services, however, the User agrees to be bound by said modified conditions.

17 Privacy
The User's personal data is processed by StayDo in order to provide the Services. StayDo communicates to the Supplier - identified in the "Product Information" and purchase order - the User's personal data to be strictly used to provide the service (that are: the User’s name, his email address, his reservation made on and any data related to such information). StayDo and the Suppliers act each one separately as the treatment of personal data holders and for the sole purpose of providing the related services. At any time the User may deny his consent to receiving the newsletter and the StayDo updates. Also, he can give his consent to receive communications for marketing purposes and to conduct market researches by StayDo.

For any information regarding the treatment of personal data of the User, this will need to review the related information page on the processing of personal data published on this Website.

18 Various
If any part of these Terms and Conditions will be considered illegal, invalid, unenforceable or contrary to law following a final decision of a court of competent jurisdiction, all other provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall be considered fully effective and valid.

StayDo reserves the right to transfer and / or transfer to any third party a right acquired under the contract.

19 Governing Law and Jurisdiction
These Terms and Conditions are subject to Italian law and in particular with the Legislative Decree n. 206/2005 with regard to distance selling and the Legislative Decree n. 70/2003 for some issues of electronic sales.

As for the users, to any dispute concerning the application, implementation and interpretation of these conditions, it will be the competent court of the place where the applicant resides or is domiciled.

It is subject to the application to users who do not have their habitual residence in Italy, the provisions would be more favorable and mandatory provided by law of the country where they have their habitual residence.

If, however, the Professional Instructor and for the structures, any dispute relating to the application, implementation and interpretation of these Conditions, the Court of Turin will be competent.

Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or relating to these Terms and Conditions, or their breach, termination or validity other than those mentioned above, shall be referred to the Court of Turin.

Version 06/06/2016